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Data Intelligence and Research

Giving your business the power of growth and decision making with Data Intelligence.

Data Intelligence and Research

Business intelligence and analytics continues to serve as the core of any business. Analysing, predicting and forecasting is a hygiene for any smart enterprise that intends to constantly evolve and readily adapt for the future. Vivoki's modern analytic database, powered by the inbuilt solution is the only solution that brings high-performance SQL analytics to big data.

Give the power booster to your business that relies on it for future.

Manage fast, flexible ETL over comprehensive data volumes, to be ever ready to scale and get deeper insights handy.

Distributed processing and best-of-breed technologies for the fastest performance

Larger data volumes of any type

Prepared data available immediately for analytics with shared storage and metadata

Vivoki Builds :

  • 360 customer intelligence
  • a holistic view extrapolating growth revenues and predictions ahead on performance
  • Account-based marketing based on big data intelligence
  • unlocking patterns in your data to understand products a customer engagement

Leading to :

Increased conversion
Higher ROI
Greater Pipeline
Happy Customers

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Vivoki is a leading research analytics, and knowledge processing firm that empowers business globally with intelligent solutions across multiple sectors. Vivoki's coactive atmosphere and knowledge-based ecosystem help to consistently redefine and provide customized solutions to clients.

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